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No more memorials…it’s time to PARTY!

After over a month of mourning, we’ve decided Devin would not wish for us to honor him with tearful ceremonies.

Cold beer, delicious food, and spontaneous dance moves were far more his style.

Devin’s Never-Going-Away Party

Saturday, September 6
Sedgwick Studio
Chicago, IL

Sedgwick Studio is a giant sculpture fabrication studio in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. Considering he lived down the block, Devin often hung out there throughout his years in Chicago. In fact, here he is now:

Devin enjoys a stroll past Sedgwick Studio’s signature red door, not realizing a portion of his face has become pixelated.

Devin’s “Chicago Chapter” is currently organizing a spectacular and unique day/night of celebration. Additional details and an “official” invite will be posted/sent when available.


What it you’re in New York? Los Angeles? New Orleans? Oslo?

Join us!

We understand travel might not be possible for everyone. Therefore, we’d like everyone to join with family and friends – old, new, or those you haven’t yet met – in your city. Gather together (perhaps at a bar, restaurant, or friend’s apartment) and celebrate in spirit. We’d like to connect nationwide to simultaneously raise a glass and toast Devin’s memory.

If you’d like to “ambassador” an event, have any party-planning ideas, or are in Chicago and would like to help – please email Abra Adduci.

More details to come and we hope to see you in Chicago – in person or in spirit!

party photo, version 1 copy

Weirdly glowing bottle will not be included on the dance floor…OR WILL IT?!

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