Obituaries and Writings

Devin’s obituary was published in Helena, Montana’s Independent Record on July 30. It can be viewed here: Devin Wayne Leonardi

Broadway 1602 – one of the galleries that represented Devin’s art – has published a beautiful “In Memorium” statement on their website, including several quotes from Devin about his work. It can be read here on Devin’s artist page.

via broadway 1602

We’ve also posted the eulogy given by Colleen Leonardi, Devin’s sister, at his Montana memorial. Poems included within memorial booklet can be found in the Gallery section of this site.

Further literary work is soon to come as we work out various quirks in WordPress. Any feedback, advice, or – best of all – additional writings or self-created artwork, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your patience as we adjust to a new “normal.”


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